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Non-timber products

Non-timber forest products (NTFP) are parts of a tree or forest whose utilisation does not involve harvesting the entire tree. The sustainable use of non-timber products is a contentious issue because of the link to poverty alleviation.

Conifers play an important role in the production of non-timber products. Products include seeds for the horticultural/forestry industries and for local food consumption, bark, resin (and its derivatives), essential oils and fungi harvested from the forest floor. The sustainable commercial and domestic use have the potential of increased incentives for forest conservation. However, there are many examples whereby over-exploitation of non-timber products of conifers have contributed to their demise. Examples include the cutting of foliage and stripping of bark from Taxus species for the production of the anti-cancer drug taxol and the collection of seeds from Araucaria araucana and A. angustifolia for use as a local food.

There are 36 taxa in the category – Direct exploitation, Non-timber products:

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