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Droughts are usually associated with arid or semi-arid areas but occur wherever rainfall drops below normal levels over an extended period of time. They may also be periodic and associated with regional climatic events such as the El Ni̱o cycles that have strong influences on the eastern and western Pacific regions.

Severe droughts may also follow large scale regional deforestation, particularly in tropical areas and have been implicated in the sudden collapse of older civilisations in Central America (Mayan) and southeast Asia (Angkor Wat). Recent severe droughts have been linked with widespread decline in conifer forests in many parts of the world, such as the pinyonpine ecosystems of the western USA and the Atlas mountains of Algeria and Morocco. In these areas the water-stressed trees are more susceptible to outbreaks of pests and diseases. An increase in fire frequency is also a serious associated impact. While relatively few conifers are currently assessed as threatened due to droughts as a result of climate change, several species have been identified as near threatened and in decline

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