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Japan, Korea and Far East

This region covers the Japanese archipelago, North and South Korea, the Sakhalin and Kurile Islands and the Amur region of Russia. Some species such as Pinus koraiensis also occur in northeastern mainland China.

The majority of the 50 taxa that occur in this region are temperate species from the Cupressaceae (Chamaecyparis and Thuja) and Pinaceae (Abies, Picea and Pinus). Notable endemic genera include Sciadopitys and Cryptomeria. Climates are generally either temperate maritime or temperate montane with relatively high rainfall and moderate temperatures. A few species occur in almost subtropical climates in the Japanese archipelago. Twenty two taxa are currently listed as threatened on the IUCN Global Redlist. Major threats include logging (both historicaland ongoing), conversion of natural forests to plantations or agriculture. Introduced pests and diseases also have a signifcant impact on some taxa.

There are 22 taxa in the category – Japan, Korea and Far East:

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