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Eastern and southeastern USA

The Eastern and southeastern USA Threatened Conifer Region includes the Appalachian Mountains as well as the Atlantic and Gulf Coastal Plains. The Appalachian Mountains, including the Smoky Mountains, is dominated by mixed mesophytic forest that include conifers such as Pinus strobus, P.

resinosa, Tsuga canadensis, T. caroliniana and Taxus canadensis. At higher elevations the forests are dominated by Abies fraseri and Picea rubens have been impacted by acid rain and invasive non-native pests. The coastal plains consist of extensive pines forests of P. rigida to the north, and P. palustris and P. elliottii to the south; threats here are related to fire which under natural conditions forms an integral part of the ecology. The coastal region is well known for the swamp forests of Virginia and Georgia where Taxodium distichum grows as well as for the narrow endemics Taxus floridana and Torreya taxifolia that are both Critically Endangered.

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