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Natural / geological events

Most of the world۪s volcanic eruptions occur around the Pacific rim - a horseshoe shape of nearly continuous series of volcanic arcs. Here over 75% of the world۪s volcanoes occur hence the name The Ring of Fire۪ or as it is technically referred to the circum-Pacific seismic belt.

It is around the Pacific Rim, often on the slopes of volcanoes where important conifer habitats occur. Frequently these contain small populations of narrow endemics. Although active volcanoes contribute to a very small percentage of the total forest habitat loss, it can be significant if the volcano is in a protected area (as is often the case) and this sanctuary represents a significant part of the distribution of a conifer species. When humans put pressure on species and ecosystems, the effects of natural events such as volcanoes can be more detrimental than they would otherwise be and should be considered real threats in some situations.

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