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Energy production and Infrastructure development

Energy production and infrastructure development can have a severe detrimental effect on conifer habitats. A recent surge in the global demand for metals has led to an increase in mining activities with open-cast mining or strip-mining and its associated activities causing severe environmental damage.

Conifer-rich forests are often affected by this type of mining for example, nickel mining on the Pacific island of New Caledonia. Hydroelectric schemes often cause habitat loss due to forest inundation or indirectly by the loss of downstream habitats through changes in water levels. Over the past 100 years hydroelectric schemes are responsible for a 15% habitat loss of Lagarostrobos franklinii forest in Tasmania. Logging activities invariably start with the construction of roads in order to gain access to timber and this can include up to 15% of the consumed logged area. This intrusion is often devastating, opening up the area for further development and as communities grow more infrastructure and services are required.

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