Acmopyle pancheri (Brongn. & Gris) Pilg.

Endemic to humid forests in New Caledonia where it is has a widespread distribution. The population t has been impacted by mining activities and fires.


Endemic to New Caledonia.

Most stands occur in the southern massif with a few, more isolated stands in the north in places such as Mount Panie, the Massif du Tchingou, Mount Paeuoa and Boulinda

Habitat and Ecology

A small tree mainly found in the understory of lower and mid montane dense humid forests. It occurs at low densities on both ultramafic and schist substrates at altitudes ranging from 200 m a.s.l. up to 1580 m.

Human Uses

No uses have been recorded for this species.

Conservation Status

Global Status

Near Threatened

Global Rationale

Although both the area of occupancy and extent of occurrence are within the thresholds for Vulnerable, it is uncertain if there has been sufficient decline to justify that category. Several subpopulations have been effected by mining activities and fire (for example in the Paéoua and Boulinda areas) while others have become more fragmented or degraded. Although widespread, this species is less frequent than Falcatifolium taxoides (Least Concern) which is often associated with A. pancheri.

Global threats

Sub-populations at Paeoua and Boulinda are threatened by mining activities and fire threaten.

Conservation Actions

This species is known from several protected areas including Montagne des Sources and the Riviere Bleue. In the north it is also known from Mount Panie botanical reserve.

References and further reading

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