Amentotaxus poilanei (Ferré & Rouane) D.K.Ferguson

Amentotaxus poilanei has only been recorded from a single locality on the Ngoc Linh massif in Kontum province. General deforestation and trans national road building may be threats in the near future.


Currently it is only known for certain from Ngoc Linh Nature Reserve in Kon Tum Province. It may occur in nearby areas further north such as Lo Xo. Additional surveys focussing on its distribution and population size are required.

Habitat and Ecology

The single locality is within primary montane evergreen forests at altitudes from 1800 to 2300 metres. Rainfall is over 3000mm per year with no dry periods.

Human Uses

No uses have been recorded for this species.

Conservation Status

Global status and rationale

Vulnerable D2

As this species has a very limited distribution and it is potentially susceptible to stochastic events it has been provisionally assessed as Vulnerable.

Global threats

Potential threats could relate to the development of a transnational highway that is due to pass through the Ngoc Linh area and a more gradual threat from the gradual conversion of lower elevation forests to pine plantations and for agriculture.

Conservation Actions

The total known population is within a nature reserve.

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