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Human intrusions

Here human intrusions includes recreational activities and civil unrest. Although recreational activities can have very positive effects on biodiversity by providing much-needed income for protected areas, they can have a negative impact if not managed effectively.

For example, intensive recreational facilities such as campgrounds often result in the removal of the local vegetation a fuel wood for camp fires. Because conifers are a common component in mountainous regions where they often dominate, they are particularly vulnerable to the development of winter sport activities such as ski resorts. Over 90% of the major armed conflicts between 1950 and 2000 occurred within countries containing biodiversity hotspots, and more than 80% took place directly within hotspot areas. Civil unrest can have a serious negative impact on biodiversity. The Vit Nam war used poisonous Agent Orange as an aerial forest defoliant in which 14% of the forest cover was affected.

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