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Northwestern Andes

The North western Andes conifer region consists only of taxa from Podocarpus, Prumnopitys and Retrophyllum in the Podocarpaceae, with Podocarpus having the largest number of species. The family is distributed along the northern and western Andes or centred on the Guyana Shield of southern Venezuela.

Podocarpus magnifolius, P. celatus, and P. tepuiensis occur in both areas. Most of the ca 24 species occur at mid to high elevation in tropical montane forests, often preferring the ridge vegetation of cloud forests where they form relatively small, scattered populations. Only five species have been assessed as globally threatened and three as near threatened. The region is under intense pressure from an ever-growing population which has led to the conversion of native forests for agricultural purposes, especially for coca production. Selective logging for the highly prized wood of the taller growing podocarps has significantly reduced the range of some species.

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