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Southeastern Brazil

The Southeastern Brazil Threatened Conifer Region includes the Atlantic forest area on the eastern seaboard and the subtropical forests of southeastern Brazil and adjoining Argentina and Paraguay. The once vast area of Atlantic forest has now been reduced by over 85% and today the region is home to 133 million people that equates to 70% of the country’s population and includes the sprawling cities of Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo.

Even as a result of this dramatic loss it remains one of the most diverse forests in the world. This Region contains only four conifers - Podocarpus lambertii is Near Threatened while P. sellowii (with its two varieties) and P. transiens are listed as Endangered as a result of deforestation, urbanisation, fire and grazing. The most notable conifer in the Region is Araucaria angustifolia, which has its main distribution in southeastern Brazil with remnant stands in neighbouring parts of Argentina and Paraguay. Of all the conifers in the Region this species has suffered the greatest loss - 97% over a period of100 years due to massive exploitation since the beginning of the 20th century.

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