Dacrydium medium de Laub.

Native to Peninsular Malaysia and north Sumatera and threatened by fire and tourism.


Malesia: Peninsular Malaysia, N Sumatera. Subpopulations are likely to be decreasing due to tourist developments.

Habitat and Ecology

Dacrydium medium occurs mostly on mountain summits and ridges in low, scrubby vegetation on poor soils that will not support forests. The soils in these places are often very shallow and rocky. The altitudes of these sites vary between 1350  and 2100 metres above sea-level. The conifers are either shrubs or small trees rising above the general vegetation in which Myrtaceae (e.g. Baeckea and Leptospermum) are most common. More rarely scattered individuals occur in forest below the mountain ridges where they may grow taller to keep their crowns in or above the canopy as they are light demanding.

Conservation Status

Global status

Vulnurable B2ab(ii,iii,iv)

Global rationale

Dacrydium medium is known from fewer than ten highly scattered locations, seven in Peninsular Malesia and two in northern Sumatera; it is unlikely that more are to be found. Two are more or less directly threatened with development.

Global threats

Highly fragmented and small subpopulations are susceptible to disturbances such as fire. At least two of the nine locations are threatened because they are within or very close to development for tourism.

Conservation Actions

At least one of the locations is within a protected area (Gunung Leuser in Sumatera).

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