Callitris roei (Endl.) F.Muell.

A small tree or shrub of the coastal areas of southern Western Australia. In some areas overgrazing and increased fire frequencies are an ongoing problem.


Restricted to southwestern Western Australia, mainly in the wheat belt area and along the southern coast. The extent of occurrence (EOO) is estimated to be more than 99,000km2. Specimens collected since 1980 compared to those collected prior to that date indicate that C. roei still occurs within this range. However, although current area of occupancy is unknown, it is likely to be less than  2,000 km2 as a result of extensive clearing of native vegetation. It occurs as an occasional shrub or small tree.

Habitat and Ecology

Usually found in mallee woodland or shrubland with a diverse range of other species.

Human Uses

No specific uses have been recorded.

Conservation Status

Global Status

Near Threatened

Global Rationale

In the first round of conifer assessments (1998), this species was assessed as Vulnerable under the A criteria. With the introduction of new criteria (Ver. 3.1, IUCN 2001) a new assessment found that it no longer met the necessary criteria and a new assessment of Near Threatened on the basis that past reduction is close to 30% (A2) has been made. 

Global threats

Habitat loss and fragmentation has been a problem in the past; in some areas overgrazing and increased fire frequencies are an ongoing problem. In some parts of its range, Phytophthora cinnamomi dieback is causing the death of associated species. Although C. roei is not known to be susceptible, dieback of surrounding vegetation could increase risk of fire due to increased fuel loads

Conservation Actions

Known from several protected areas in the southern parts of its range.

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