Amentotaxus argotaenia var. brevifolia K.M.Lan & F.H.Zhang

This variety has a restricted range in southern China with a small population that is thought to be threatened by deforestation


Endemic to Libo Xian in SE Guizhou, China. The population appears to be fairly restricted and is presumably quite small.

Habitat and Ecology

This variety occurs on limestone karst mountains on steep rocky slopes and ridges at around 1000m altitude.

Human Uses

This variety grows to a small tree; its uses are similar to those of the species but it is not known if it is in cultivation in or outside China. The wood is used for tool making, furniture and wood turning (handicrafts).

Conservation Status

Global status and rationale

Critically Endangered B1ab(iii)+2ab(iii)

It has a very small range and presumably a small population although the size is not known. The Chinese Plant Red List indicates that there are less than 50 mature individuals. However, the source for this information is unknown, therefore, it is not used here. The extent of occurrence and area of occupancy are both less than 5km², there is a single location and there is a continuing decline in the extent and quality of the habitat due to general logging of the forest at lower elevations and expansion of agricultural activities. It is therefore listed as Critically Endangered under criteria B1 and B2. Further surveys might show that it also qualifies for Critically Endangered under criteria C2a(i,ii) and D.

Global threats

This variety is known from a very limited area and has presumably been reduced in population size due to deforestation (general logging and expanding agriculture) on the more accessible slopes.

Conservation Actions

Further research is need to establish the size of the population and to protect its habitat. Ex-situ conservation may also be necessary.

References and further reading

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