Abies hidalgensis Debreczy, Rácz & Guizar

Endemic to the State of Hidalgo in eastern Mexico where fire is a potential threat to the small population


Mexico in the State of Hidalgo (canyon near village of Metepec).

This species was described and named as new in 1995 from a single location in Hidalgo, Mexico. Its distribution beyond the type locality remains unknown and no subsequent collections have been assigned to this new species.

Habitat and Ecology

Cloud forest with Alnus firmifolia, Buddleia cordata, Cupressus lusitanica, Pinus patula, P. teocote, Sambucus mexicana, etc.

Human Uses

No uses have been recorded for this species. It is not cultivtaed.

Conservation Status

Global status

Vulnerable D2

Global rationale

More research is needed to establish beyond doubt the taxonomic distinctiveness, the approximate size of the population, and the extent of occurrence and area of occupancy. On the basis of what is known, 15+ years after its discovery, an assessment of Vulnerable under D2 reflects the fact that it is only known from a single locality with a small population that could be vulnerable to stochastic events.

Global threats

No current threats have been identified but if this taxon does stand up to taxonomic scrutiny and if it remains only known from one location, as at present, stochastic events such as a major fire could put the species at extreme risk.

Conservation Actions

No conservation actions are known to have taken place.

References and further reading

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